Lenz Moreton focusses on 4 key areas of engineering and construction law to assist you.

[1] Understanding Contracts

Before you sign a contract, we can review it to ensure you and your business are protected. We may suggest edits or rewrites to ensure the contract is appropriate. If it cannot be changed (and this is often the case) you will be told the risks you face, which you can then price into your tender. Too many in the industry sign a contract they do not understand, which can destroy their business

As Brisbane engineering and construction lawyers we can also draft suitable contracts for your project.

Having practical industry experience we can provide contract administration services. This means we can help you with making or resisting claims for delays and extensions of time, variations and other difficulties that arise during a project, including dispute resolution. We can help with the necessary documents, or represent you in the process, if you prefer.

[2] Getting Paid

If you are owed money for work you have completed, we can help you recover it. Our familiarity with Chapter 3 of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld) means we can quickly determine whether it applies to your situation. If it does, we can help you use it to resolve unpaid accounts under the Act. However, please appreciate that it is a temporary cash-flow solution, which does not guarantee finality.

It may be better to seek expert determination, or arbitration (if your contract allows it), or start Court proceedings as this is more likely to achieve a final result.

If you are a subcontractor waiting on payment from your contractor, we can determine whether you are eligible to take action under Chapter 4 of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld) for a charge on monies due to your contractor from a principal or superior contractor. If you are, we will help you reach a resolution under the Act.

[3] Dispute Resolution

Lenz Moreton works to prevent disputes wherever possible because they are stressful, and expensive, as engineering and construction lawyers we can also help you with dispute resolution.

Your dispute may be able to be resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as  expert determination, mediation or arbitration. Chris Lenz is a nationally accredited mediator, a graded arbitrator, a qualified expert determiner and a senior adjudicator, so he understands the ADR process and can help you reach a satisfactory outcome.

Alternatively, Lenz Moreton can also help you with formal legal action and litigation in court or QCAT.

[4] Engineering & Technical Matters

As well as legal qualifications, Chris Lenz also has engineering qualifications and extensive experience in assisting clients who have unique and complex engineering or technical matters which require specialised legal assistance that only a professional engineer would fully comprehend and relate too.

Chris’s understanding of the technical and engineering issues specific to individual cases is so important in regards to dealing with clients legal matters and negotiating more positive outcomes.

This can include Building Information Modelling (“BIM”), also known as digital engineering, and computer related activities.

We also provide training and documentation that can enable you to manage minor legal issues on your own, (DIY), saving you both time and money while having professional mentoring and support from Lenz Moreton.

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