What Our Clients Say About Us

5 July 2020 

Testimonial from a Boutique Brisbane Builder

We are a small business that was owed money. Through our research, we decided to go the adjudication route and do as much as we could ourselves. 

We felt confident in our evidence and our ability to get the facts down, but we needed a legal eye, a bit of guidance and a liberal sprinkle of references to the law and similar cases. 

This is where Chris Lenz stepped in. Chris took our ‘rock solid’ application and made it ironclad. So thorough was his work that the other party folded and paid immediately. 

Thanks Chris, we’re very grateful.


“Thank you to Chris and the team at Lenz Moreton.  Your help was very much appreciated and your advice was thorough, particularly given the time frame that we were able to give you. I will be shifting our Contractual advice to your firm for all future contracts and look forward to working with you again.”

ECP logo  Ben Waldron, East Coast Pipeline


“We have used, and recommended to several of our clients, Lenz Moreton to provide pragmatic practical legal advice in relation to construction related legal issues. We and our clients, have always found Chris and his team to be extremely knowledgeable, pragmatic and fully aware of the risks and costs particular to the construction and development industry.

Lenz Moreton are our first choice when it comes to Construction and Engineering Law!”

McVeigh logo    Michael McVeigh, Managing Director, McVeigh


“I would like to express my appreciation for your continual legal help and advice over the last 8 years.  Your knowledge with construction, engineering, contracts and BCIPA has given me direction in times when needed most.  It has also helped me stay focused on my business instead of getting distracted by legal issues.  Your honest approach is what I like most which is also reflected by your entire team.  I consider your firm an integral part of my business network and feel safe knowing I have your support for the future.”

Adam Bridgford, Ezy Homes (Aust) Pty Ltd


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lenz Moreton for your professional legal advice during our recent contract negotiation.

Given the complexity of the contract, and five year duration, we felt your engineering and construction industry knowledge contributed a great deal to the negotiation process.

We now have a signed agreement which both we and our Client feel comfortable with and are currently working under.

Thanks again for delivering a great result for our company and we look forward to working with you as our future legal requirements arise.”

Matt Robbins, R.J. Robbins & Associates


“Chris Lenz has been handling our construction business legal dispute work for several years. During this time Chris has provided quick and meaningful advice to help bring each matter to a satisfactory resolution. Chris’ knowledge of building and the law make negotiating through messy disputes easy for the client with clear outcomes achieved. I have and will continue to recommend Chris Lenz to other construction businesses which have need of his unique expertise.”

Brett Shepherd, Aushomes Pty Ltd


“Frostdale have used Chris Lenz for over a decade and each time, he commits 100% to the task, even recently at 4.00pm, with no notice and utmost urgency, we had the workings ready to be sent before midnight.  With Chris’s skilful actioning of the case we received a very favourable outcome within the month.

Frostdale look first and foremost to Lenz Moreton for our needs.  David Holzheimer, Managing Director of Frostdale says “I would not look elsewhere. Chris Lenz and his team adds that level of professionalism yet comfort for those confronting legal challenges.  They provide me with the legal choices, allow me to see the facts and assist me to make the decisions of which are incredibly difficult by yourself. Chris’ understanding of both Engineering and the Law is paramount to meeting my needs and it enables him to converse on my matters quickly. It’s always up to me to push the buttons but I’m glad I have Lenz Moreton on my side.”

logo-frostdaleFrostdale Pty Ltd, Civil Engineering Contractors, Brisbane


“I was referred to Chris Lenz from Master Builders Queensland some seven years ago to resolve a building dispute between our company and a client.During this period I found Chris to be extremely experienced in dispute resolutions and with the help of his dedicated and professional team the matter was resolved with a written agreement between the parties.

The advice Chris gave me is being implemented into my future contract administration.I recommend ChrisLenz to any industry colleagues that require a specialist in building and construction law.”

Wayne Whyte, Constructive Homes 


“Lenz Moreton was recommended to me when I had a dispute with a builder over work that had been paid for but not completed.

I found the advice given to me by Lenz Moreton to be not only very concise and clear, but most of all effective.

I had only one meeting with Lenz Moreton but in this short time Chris was able to guide me so well that we didn’t need to meet again. He did however give me tips and pointers until the very end.

I found Lenz Moreton to be very professional and have the client’s best interest as the highest priority. This was very encouraging.

If I had a problem with a builder again I would use Lenz Moreton and I think this is the best recommendation of his service.”

Izabela Smolski