About Us

Lenz Moreton is a Boutique Law Firm providing exceptional quality legal services to our Engineering and Construction industry Clients.

At Lenz Moreton, we value integrity, diligence, professional excellence and Client care.

We believe Lenz Moreton’s ongoing success stems from its core values, its solid ethical foundation, and from consistently satisfying our Clients.

Who are our clients?

  • Small and mid-tier Construction Companies;
  • Owners and Principals;
  • Engineers and Architects;
  • Suppliers of Goods and Services and;
  • Specialist installers of equipment

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a pre-eminent specialist Law Firm in Queensland, that:

  • Consistently provides qualified, accurate, practical and effective legal services;
  • To our Clients across their range of Engineering & Construction activities;
  • By our qualified Staff providing the highest level of service in accordance with our values of integrity and Client care, because they are valued and nurtured by our firm.

We are dedicated to professional excellence and building lasting relationships with Clients and Staff.

Our Logo

Our logo was chosen as it symbolises:

  • A permanent and safe haven for our Clients and Staff who choose to be part of our team;
  • Our warning of caution and danger that our Clients should avoid in their business activities;
  • Continuous pulses of legal advice to allow our Clients to make safe business voyages.