Your dispute

In my experience in law practices since 1989, and as a mediator since 1991, if you have, or about to have a dispute with someone else, consider having the dispute mediated.

However, in my experience, you cannot successfully mediate a dispute too early. Both sides need to have felt some pain or inconvenience, so that they see some advantage in resolving the dispute. This means the dispute should be “ripe” for mediation.

If your dispute is ripe, your question, “What is in it for me?,” gives a number of positive answers. Successful mediation normally saves:

  1. Stress;
  2. Time;
  3. “Face”;
  4. Your business relationship; and
  5. Money.

Even if the mediation is not successful, you still are likely to have:

  1. Improved communication with the other party;
  2. Understood the other parties’ point of view;
  3. Identified the “real” issues in the dispute;
  4. Organised your own thoughts and evidence;
  5. Time to re-evaluate whether the dispute should go on.

We can help you with your dispute as follows:

  1. As lawyers to bring it to the stage that it is ripe, and then to mediation, helping you along the way; OR
  2. Being the mediator for your dispute. In this case, the other party will have to agree.

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