Special Offer for May & June 2014!


The GFC and the current uncertain economic climate may mean that your business is not investing for the future. One impediment may be your concern about legal costs.

As a profession, lawyers generally charge for work at an hourly rate divided into short time increments. The reason for this is that for a lot of matters, it is not possible to define an accurate enough scope for legal work, which would allow a fair and reasonable estimate to be made.

For the period of May and June 2014, Lenz Moreton are offering selected businesses the opportunity to spend up to half day in your office (or ours, if you prefer) to assist you with specific legal issues, or to review your current business practices for a fixed fee negotiated with you. In that time, depending on your issues, we may be able to:

Please contact us on 07 3220 0299 to further explore whether this would suit your business?


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