Lenz Moreton Building and Construction Law

PN ~ats~ QBCC

  • Plaintiff’s Solicitor – Marc O’Donoghue, Lenz Moreton Building



  • 2013. Builder completed minor renos to house including installing concrete fibre sheets to exposed soffits.
  • 2016. Owner complained to QBCC that the sheets were mouldy due to a leaky roof.
  • 2016. QBCC sent builder a direction to rectify the roof.


Our case

  • The builder informed the QBCC that he didn’t install the roof.
  • QBCC stated the builder was still liable.
  • 2022. Builder engaged Lenz Moreton.
  • This simple matter took many months and a lot of work, but…



  • 2022. QBCC reversed the direction to rectify 👍