Are you a Subcontractor not getting paid?

Are you a Subcontractor not getting paid?

If you are a subcontractor to a head contractor or builder, and you are not getting paid on a project in Queensland or are concerned that they are in financial difficulties and may become insolvent, you should seriously consider seeing a solicitor who is familiar with the Subcontractor’s Charges Act 1974. This legislation is specifically designed to help in this situation and our firm has helped a number of clients recover money recently.

Although it is a small piece of legislation, it can pack a powerful punch! You may not get all that you are owed, but it can put you in a strong position to negotiate in the month after you have served your subcon tractors’ charge (known in the industry as a “e;subbies charge”e;). It is important to note however, that the Act is quite complex and we strongly recommend talking to a solicitor before using it.

In the last few months we have helped two clients get all or over half of what they were owed. One client was owed just under $300,000 and the other under $200,000 which are substantial sums to anyone in the construction industry, where cash is king!

If you cannot satisfactorily negotiate to get your money within a month, you must commence legal proceedings to protect the subbies charge, other wise the charge disappears. That is why advice from a solicitor who understands the Act is very important.

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