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Engineering and construction law can be confusing. Getting it wrong can be costly and damaging to you and your business.

At Lenz Moreton, we specialise in all areas of engineering and construction law. Led by Chris Lenz, a qualified engineer and experienced lawyer, our team understands your industry and the unique stresses, uncertainties, and challenges you face. We provide individually-tailored expert legal advice and services to help you resolve problems.

Like the lighthouse in our logo, our lawyers can warn you of danger, and provide you with direction to keep you safe.

Our Approach

We help you protect and improve your financial position. Unlike generalist firms, we understand the problems and technical issues unique to your industry. Our engineering and construction lawyers can quickly understand any problems you face, and can explain complex legal issues to you in everyday language.

Our preference is for solutions before litigation, as this saves you time and money. However, we are committed to resolving legal issues both commercially, and firmly.

To learn more, call us today on (07) 3220 0299 or read more about our services below.

Engineering and Construction Contracts

At Lenz Moreton, we have years of experience resolving contractual disputes and delivering satisfactory solutions. However, when possible, we prefer to help prevent these issues arising.

Before you sign a contract, our lawyers can review it to ensure you and your business are protected. We may suggest edits or rewrites to ensure the contract is appropriate.

Our Brisbane engineering and construction lawyers can also draft suitable contracts for your business, and provide contract administration services.

Getting Paid

If you are owed money for work you have completed, we can help you recover it. Our familiarity with the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act (BCIPA) means we can quickly determine wither the BCIPA applies to your situation. If it does, we can help you use it to resolve unpaid accounts.

If you are a subcontractor waiting on payment from your contractor, we can determine whether you are eligible to take action under The Subcontractors’ Charges Act. If you are, we will help you reach a resolution under the Act as quickly as possible.

Dispute Resolution

Although we work to prevent disputes wherever possible, our engineering and construction lawyers can also provide dispute resolution.

Your dispute may be able to be resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation or arbitration. Chris Lenz is a nationally accredited mediator, a graded arbitrator, a qualified expert determiner and a senior adjudicator, so he understands the ADR process and can help you reach a satisfactory outcome.

Alternatively, we can also help you with formal legal action and litigation in court. To discuss the most appropriate strategy for your situation or problem, call us today on (07) 3220 0299.

Helpful Resources

As experts in engineering and construction law, we have put together a range of helpful legal resources. Please feel free to browse and read our “Insights” articles. If you would like personalised advice and assistance, get in touch today.

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